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Role: Digital Artist

Company: Gumi Phils. 

Platform: IOS, Android PS Vita

Chain Chronicle combines three gameplay elements: tower defense, traditional role-playing and card trading in the form of Arcanas. The role-playing game elements drive the entire story, allowing the player to make decisions, visit towns and participate in events. The map system shows the towns and areas that the player must visit by tapping on one town to another, however for the player to get to the next town, it must clear some enemies first. Battle in the game is similar to a traditional tower defense game, each player can command a team of four Arcanas, with two more as sub-party extras and a guest unit. Each Arcana is assigned to 5 classes, and each unit are weak to specific class. In the second versions of the game, updates introduced Fighters and Gunners, with the former being a type of Swordsman, and the latter being an archer-type.


In-Game Events

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